Undersea Carpets?

The second site of the day was a surprise. 10 years ago, Smith’s Cove was a mixed mussel bed and urchin barren. Previous, it has been a Codium meadow. Now… It’s just a giant red algal carpet. Wall to wall. Thick, easily fragmenting, ubiquitous, invasive red Heterosiphonia japonica. Also, big tufts of Ulva. And some other bushy filamentous algae scattered about, along with a few crabs.


What a weird landscape. What is that red carpet doing? Smothering things? Creating habitat for mobile invertebrates? Providing food, or is it not that edible? The reef was like this as far as we swam and looked around – hundreds of square meters. Weird.

Yeah, that's 100% cover.

Yeah, that’s 100% cover.

4 thoughts on “Undersea Carpets?

  1. This site used to be a combination urchin barren/mussel bed 10 years ago. Mostly barren, as the mussels got eaten. This time, mostly amphipods, and very very few urchins.

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