Tweeting A Trashy Voyage

For those who aren’t following it, the SEAPLEX cruise blog is pretty amazing. SEAPLEX is a cruise being led by none other than Miriam Goldstein of The Oyster’s Garter to explore the Great North Pacific Trash Gyre.

The Seaplex Cruise Track. Not quite a three hour tour.

OK, so, a gyre of trash may not be that great, but, you know, it’s Great. As in Awesome. By which I mean Awe-inspiring kinda Great. Not great. You know. Sheesh.

The cruise is not only ambitious in its goals to map out the garbage patch itself (and to see, is it a big patch, a bunch of islands, or what), but it’s both blogging and tweeting away giving the public a fascinating snapshot into real oceanographic and ecological science in real time. And, they’re being pretty candid, as can be seen below.

Science in real time.  The good, the bad, the silly.

Science in real time. The good, the bad, the silly.

So keep your RSS-feeds updated, check your twitter feeds, and let’s see just what Miriam and her hearty crew find out!

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