tweet your data

Well, my mind has been blown. Fisheries analysis based on tweets?! How cool! In the age of LTER (n.b. I work for the sbc lter), the comingn of NEON, etc., it’s nice to see an innovative of getting large quantities of data from outside of the academic box.

And I can think of a myriad of field science/twitter uses:

  • oceanography: get boaters to tweet for a temperature reading with a lat/long and ocean color
  • rare species ecology: have hikers tweet every time they go on a trail, and tweet again if they see something rare
  • subtidal ecology: have divers tweet when/where they go, and some qualitative measure of diversity or abundance of target speciesAnd, really, this could probably be subsidized by 10 cents per tweet or something to get buy-in. Algorithmically, catching cheaters shouldn’t be too hard (outlier analysis, etc).

    Sounds like an interesting NCEAS kind of idea….

    (via the oyster’s garter)

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