Thanks, Steve, for helping SCIENCE!

Yesterday, we lost a great innovator and someone who, even if unwittingly, has really helped science. I am a passionate Mac advocate. It’s blend of good user interface with a UNIX underpinning lets many of us just concentrate on our work rather than constantly dithering with niggling details. So, I’m going to offer up this picture as my tribute. It’s a pic of me back from my first field season when I was doing photo sampling in Monterey Bay and would have to download the files in between dives due to flash cards maxing out below 1gig in those days.

You’ll note what is at the center of the pic – my G4 Titanium Powerbook. Oh, how I loved that thing. And oh, the stats it crunched and the simulations it ran. All while looking smokingly hot. And making me look smokingly hot – even while bearded, wet, and in a drysuit.

So, thanks, Steve, for bringing us your brand of awesomeness to our daily lives.

Me with my trusty old workhorse. Thanks for snapping the photo, Kristin!

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