Taking the Ecological Conversation Online

At ESA this year, I gave a talk in a symposium about changing the culture of ecology. The talk was entitled Taking the Ecological Conversation Online and summarized what I thought were the benefits of engaging in online activities. As this was a scientific audience interested in how we might change the culture of Ecology to improve our science, I focused the talk not on what I feel are the outreach & public engagement benefits of going online – those are both obvious and legion. Rather, I focused on how I felt that interacting with other scientists online via blogs, Twitter, stackexchange sites, and more actually improve your science.

I got a great positive response. A number of folk even told me they would now get on twitter – maybe just to follow a few people, maybe to talk themselves – or start following a few blogs, as they could see how this would benefit them. This warmed the cockles of my heart – particularly given that I was super nervous about giving this talk, as it was pretty much data free (with one or two exceptions).

For those not at ESA, I’ve put the slides on slideshare, and you can see them below.

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