Ascidians in Vanity Fair!

Yes, it’s time for squirts to take the limelight in America’s most fashionable magazine! I know this is a little old, but in the 2007 article, If You Knew Sushi by Nick Tosches, the author encounters a delicacy, Halocynthia roretzi aka the Sea Pineapple. (That’s right, they’re even on wikipedia now!)

Among a biochromatic wealth of mysterious mollusks and other sea invertebrates of unknown nature, I see the weirdest creature I’ve ever seen. Now, that’s a fucking organism. Tom Asakawa looks at it awhile, too.

“Sea pineapple,” he says. “Attaches to rocks in the ocean. Tastes something like iodine. Sendai people like it.”

It looks nothing like a pineapple. It looks like something that could exist only in a purely hallucinatory eco-system. It looks like, I don’t know, maybe an otherworldly marital aid of inscrutable purpose for the brides of Satan.

“I need to eat that,” I say.

Googling around, you can find a lot more info on Sea Pineapples, including info on their Aquaculture and more.

It’s only a matter of time before they come to the states! Right?