#SciFund Round 2 FTW!

SciFund Round 2 is now complete, and it pulled in $100,345 for science! 43% of the projects achieved 100% or more of their goal – almost double of round 1 – and 60% of all funds asked for were secured. Numerous projects that didn’t fully reach their goal were above 80%. A TON of great research is going to come out of this, and I am excited!

Science crowdfunding continues to grow as a viable source of research fund. To explore this further, Jai and I participated in an online hangout for SciLingual and discussed science crowdfunding with Liz Neeley, Jerry Nguyen, and the folk from Microryza. A lot of interesting stuff came up, so I’m posting the video of the even below for you all to checkout. If you’re new to the idea of science crowdfunding, or want to learn some of the nitty-gritty, check it out!

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