Proxy Server Bookmarklet

Like so many of us, when I’m off campus, in order to read journal pdfs and the like is a chore. I have to go to my university’s library website, login to their proxy server, go back to the article in question – either by surfing there from the library webpage, or adding the relevant text to the journal article URL.

Pain in the tuchus.

Then, the ever helpful Sean Anderson tweeted a link to a little code he’d written for a bookmarklet using Dalhousie’s ezproxy.

Create a bookmark with this address:
(create some dummy bookmark and then edit the address)


Then go to a journal page and click the bookmark when you want to log in through the library server.

I modified it for UMB:


Or just, if you’re at UMB, drag the following link to your browser bookmarklet bar: umb-ezproxy – go to an article you want but can’t read, and click it. Such naches!

I’m sure the rest of you kinder can modify it to match your own situation!

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