Predatory Tunicate Art

To bring the blog back to its tunicate-y roots, here’s an AWESOME piece of predatory tunicate art from Noctorunal Sea. They say they’ll have it up as at this webstore soon. I know what I’m gettin’ for my office wall next!

Predatory tunicate art by Nocturnal sea. Go visit their webstore (link above) and buy some of their awesome ocean and ecology art!

2 thoughts on “Predatory Tunicate Art

  1. Hey Jarrett, or should I say Dr. Byrnes?
    I’m the guy who does the Nocturnal Sea website and I just wanted to let you know I’ve finally got that predatory tunicate drawing uploaded to my website. It’s available as prints and as a black t-shirt.
    I really like this SciFund Challenge, by the way. I’ve got some friends in various science fields, so I know how difficult drumming up funding can be. I’ll try to contribute some funds myself a little later this month once I actually have some cash. Here’s hoping the Challenge continues to build momentum.
    Also– where are all the tunicates, man?! A blog with urochordata in the name, and only four or five ascidian entries? Well, at least all your other science exploits are interesting.

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