Post-Publication Commentary – a Google Hangout Discussion

After the fantastic NCEAS working group on the future of scholarly publishing in EEB (big success – stay tuned for more news on that front!), I participated in a really interesting online discussion about Post-Publication peer review with Carl Boettiger, Jamie Ashlander, and Scott Chamberlain. The conversation was great, and I think brought up a lot of interesting points – both that echoed some discussions in our group and went far beyond them.

There’s a lot of grist for the mill here – what is the roll of post-publication peer review, do we have an efficient system to conduct it, can we do better, and if so, how (and how can we do it simply instead of having to build some whole new platform)?

Take a gander, and I’d love to hear more of your thoughts about how we can better accelerate the pace of the scientific discussion in an efficient way.


3 thoughts on “Post-Publication Commentary – a Google Hangout Discussion

  1. Great conversation! Thanks for sharing.

    I think that Hypothesis has the potential to help both unify some of these discussions (while also allowing them to be distributed) and also deal with the “noise” issues by implementing a strong (topic dependent) reputation system.

  2. Possible. I still have no idea why hypothesis will look like or how it’s functionality will bring things together. In particular, once a journal article’s URL changes (but not its DOI) will a set of comments be lost? That’s probably a small thing, and I’m guessing some neat apps could be whipped up using its DOI. It’s possible that a good website using the hypothesis API could really accelerate post-publication peer review. We shall see, once hypothesis gets out of the vaporware stage (haven’t we been hearing about it for 2 years now?)

  3. Yes, definitely just a hope at the moment. It was just funded on Kickstarter 8 months ago.

    I do agree that more of an aggregator approach based on DOI has a lot of promise, and I’d love to see someone give it a go.

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