PeerJ Turns One!

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One year ago, one of the more intereting experiments in open access publishing – PeerJ – launched. It’s model of membership rather than paying by the article is still something people are grappling with – it’s just so different, so delightfully disruptive. Not only that, but PeerJ has stepped in to fill the void in providing a biology preprint server (which we have used), as well as coming up with a more intuitive interface for commentary on preprints and published work – along with supplying reviews alongside published work. A number of other great open access journals have tried one or more of these innovations, but few have tried them all *at once*. Not only that, but I have the feeling they’re not going to stop there.

After all, if they’ve tried this many new things in year one, I, for one, want to know what year two is going to hold…

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