Other Writings about Parenting & Climate Change by Scientists

OK, so, I spoke too soon. There are at least a few stabs by scientists writing about being a parent who studies climate/environmental change. As folk send me more, I’ll try and keep this list updated. While there’s some great stuff here, I feel like this is an empty niche for some great writing. Maybe you want to contribute, too? Towards that end, anyone who has a yen, I will be happy to post, repost, or link your own writings here under my science parent category.

OK, the list:

A World for my Daughter by Alejandro Frid (hat tip to Jenn Burt)

A Rational Optimist’s Reluctant Case for Panic by Tom Webb

Scaring our children with the future by CJA Bradshaw

Should Climate Change Stop Us from Having Babies? by Eric Holthaus

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