Marine Biology James Bond?

I’ve been pretty stoked about the This is What a Scientist Looks Like project on tumblr. So much so that I felt compelled to submit an (old) photo of me doing field work. I mean, when one things science, they often think labcoats and microscopes. When one thinks ecology, they often think hiking in a forest or working out on a sunny grassland. (note: these are impressions I’ve gotten to people when I say these words – not what I think myself, natch.)

So, why not throw in something of what a marine ecologist at work looks like. So here’s my shot:

Yeah, I admit, it’s kind of a marine ecology beefcake shot, and definitely falls into the ┬┐Quien es el mas macho? school of marine ecology, but I kinda love it (and thanks to Kristin Hultgren for taking it on our wacky marine ecology roadtrip).

But I was not prepared for what was to happen next. Namely, a good friend of mine getting hold of it and showing the picture for what it really is – me making my James Bond escape after blowing up the Evil Villan’s lair.

This is totally going to be the photo on the door of my lab one day.

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