Living a Dream: Back to SML

So, today, I’m going to catch a ferry out to the Shoals Marine Lab. I’m just going to be out for a day to meet with the undergrad intern I’m mentoring. I’ll be back later this summer to work with her and setup some permanent monitoring transects.

I have to be honest, this is one of those moments in my life where I am watching a dream come through. I went to SML in the summer of 1999 to take some classes. It changed everything for me. I cannot recount the number of paths that opened up due to that summer than I have run down, higgledy-piggledy. To return now as a mentor and researcher? To have the chance to really learn the secrets of the sea around the Isles of Shoals? To come back with new eyes after a decade of developing as a scientist? I’m having a hard time expressing my excitement and joy.

Rather than kvell any more about the place and my excitement, here’s a video from the participants of the Underwater Research Course at SML (which, also, totally formative to who I am as a scientist – thanks, Jim!) I think it conveys a lot of what I could say, but in images and video that’s much more telling.

3 thoughts on “Living a Dream: Back to SML

  1. Wow. SML alumna here, 2004 & 2005. It’s a dream of mine to go back someday, as you are doing. Best of luck being inspirational to the next set.

    • I really wonder how many of us alums are out there in science. I think there are a ton. Heck, while I was there, I had lunch with two 2007 alums who are now there as researchers. I know 5 other young faculty who were on island with me. And that’s just who I know of. Kind of amazing what that place has done in terms of shaping research!

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