In the Grass, On the Reef – Vlogging Research

So, you’re an ecology power-couple starting a new life. You’ve got some elegant and incredibly ambitious experiments designed, funded, and ready to go. You’re about to revolutionize the study of coastal ecosystems…but where?

Where is in the Gulf of Mexico.

And right before your work really takes flight, the Deepwater Horizon happens.

(add to that that one of you is taking some course from some silly guy on this thing called structural equation modeling – why would you ever do that? I mean, come on, really.)

So, what do you do? Blog it.

Dr. Randall Hughes and Dr. David Kimbro are two of the finest ecologists I know (and former colleagues out at BML). Their blog/vlog, in collaboration with WFSU-TV, should be a fascinating exploration of how ecologists conduct research, as well as tracking research efforts on the effects of oil on marshes, seagrass, and oyster beds in real time.

So go check out In the Grass, On the Reef.

2 thoughts on “In the Grass, On the Reef – Vlogging Research

  1. Cool, I like it. They are both quite telegenic and charismatic southern ecologists.
    Are you teaching the class again? Or was this the workshop up in Sweden?

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