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I woke up this morning to a wonderful email in my inbox (thanks, Fergus!) letting me know about a little musical delight. A song about diurnal zooplankton migration entitled, well, Diurnal Migration. With lyrics like Much of the ocean is not yet explored/ Though submarines pootle about the sea floor, how can you go wrong? (Also, I now have an image of Dr. M. pootling about the seafloor).

So, I went on and decided to listen to the rest of the album, Pre-Apocalyptic Love Song, by Hannah Werdmuller, an ecologist-singer-songwriter. With songs about Grow-Bags, being prepared for the apocalypse (I showed you my heart, you showed me your homemade snare trap ), how could you go wrong? So go check it out!

And then things got even more awesome.

I noticed she had a musical twitter feed where she linked to a new collection of songs, Geek Like Me from the virtual music festival Geek Pop. Basically, it had me at its first song, animals, with the phrase Let’s make love like salmon living in fresh water/ You leave it in the bath I’ll come and pick it up later and the fact that it had a song entitled Brokeback Workbench.

Definitely the second triumph of the morning. And the website has more free tracks scattered about.

Yay! Just what I needed to make my morning of recoding some ill behaving R packages worth it!

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