6 thoughts on “Easy Upgrading of R

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  2. It’s totally unrelated, but when I read the title of your blog, a grammatical inaccuracy struck me hard. Latin name of a taxon “chordata” is a plural of “[animal] chordatum” ([an animal] sporting a notochord), so it can’t be mixed with “I’m”, which is singular.
    Unless, of course, you are a female – then it would be perfectly correct sentence.


  3. Huh. Yeah. There was a reason I didn’t take latin in high school. And regretted it. *sigh*

    Although, in fairness, the name of our phylum *is* Chordata – of which, indeed, we are all members. But, I’m a member of phylum Chordata just doesn’t roll off the tongue.

  4. I certainly see your point, but you wouldn’t say “I’m Johnsons” as in “I’m a member of the Johnsons family”, rather “I’m (firstname)Johnson”.
    Of course gender change would salvage your banner (which procedure I do not recommend).

    But again, I’m just geeks.

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