#SciFund 2 Launches!

That’s right, folk, last time we had 49 scientists bring in ~1400 people to check out their hot science and fund it to the tune of $76,000. And that was when we had no idea what we were doing. And now it’s time for round 2! We’re going to have a little more community review, some training, and we have a whole boatload of lessons learned.

So if you’re a scientist who wants to crowdfund their research, go and sign up! And if you want to learn more, check out the project blog.

Because it’s on!

#SciFund is OVER!

After 45 days, with $76,230 raised from 1440 people, I am a pretty proud papa.

My own project hit 70% bringing in $4,600 for kelp forest research. While not complete, it funds one full round of sampling trips and a little extra, so, I’m super excited! And now the data from RocketHub and #SciFund participants begins to flow in. Time to start doing some analyses on what worked, what didn’t, and begin to lay out the future of crowdfunding in science!

#SciFund Preview….

Whew, it’s been a bit since I posted here. Rest assured, little sea squirts, there are some interesting new things in the works. Some things that are science-y (in which I try and use this blog as a sounding board/ lab notebook) and some things not so much.

In the not so much category, a ton of my time has lately been going to the organizing of the #SciFund challenge – a large initiative to try and crowdfunding for science! If you haven’t been following it, check out our initial manifesto here.

I’m pretty stoked about the whole thing – it’s a real way of connecting science to the public via a funding mechanism. And with us launching on November 1st, it’s been an absolute pleasure to watch the creative and innovative videos that participating scientists have been putting together to solicit funds.

Videos, you say? Am I doing one?

Why yes! So to give you a hint of what’s to come, here’s a brief preview of my #SciFund video. I think you’ll all agree, it’s vintage me, attempting to sell one of the more arcane (to the public) pieces of my research in a way that might just connect. We shall see.

More to come in a week…