Choose to Support Marine Education

It’s that time of year where we ocean bloggers band together for the cause of Marine Environmental Education in US Schools. Between now and Nov 9th, we’re running a drive through Donor’s Choose in order to indoctrinate educate schoolkids in the wonders of the sea. Last year was a huge success, bringing in thousands of dollars to underfunded schools and enabling some real discovery. This donation is tax deductible, so, please, make a difference and donate (anything! every dollar counts!) to one of the projects over at our donor’s choose site. And a big thanks for the folk over at Deep Sea News for setting this up!

Research Blogging Awards!

Research Blogging Awards 2010 Well, everyone’s had a great year blogging away about the peer reviewed literature, yes? It’s time to reward those efforts! Announcing the first annual Research Blogging Awards! There are a multitude of categories, each with a $50 cash prize attached. And, here’s the kicker, the best research blog of the year will win $1,000! And with the upcoming iTablet, iPad, iSlate, iWillCallItWhatIWant tech-shininess from Apple just around the corner, it’s not a moment too soon!

So head on over and nominate away!

Help Kids Learn Sea Chanties!

As a young tyke growing up around the decaying maritime glories of Baltimore, I was lucky to sail aboard The Lady Maryland. The feel and scent of her wooden decks, polished brass, and wet wool still haunt me, actually. Those voyages were coupled with a feisty choir teacher, John “Doc” Merrill, who taught me my first few Sea Chanties. (and we all know where that led…)

While I loved the marine world from a deeply emotional place at the time (my Aunt had been an underwater photographer before passing away), and loved science because, let’s face it, I was an enormous nerd, Tall Ships and Sea Chanties are what made me fall in love with The Sea. The lore, legend, history, and traditions that surround all maritime endeavors are a big part of understanding man’s interactions with the marine world. And there is a lot that is rich and satisfying to be discovered.

So, to give other kids this opportunity to meet a bit of their Seafaring heritage, I’d urge you all to donate to Ahoy Mate! Student Explorer! over at This is part of the Oceans in the Classroom Initiative setup by Kevin Z and a rogue’s gallery of other ocean bloggers. The project would send fourth and fifth graders from a high poverty school to visit the National Maritime Museum in San Franciso, and spend the night on the Balclutha, a ship that I’ve spent many nights chantying on.

So go check it out, or, if you would like to donate to another marine project, see the DSN Oceans in the Classroom Initiative list of projects and donate!

I’m an Editor?

So, someone over at was decidedly foolish, and asked me to be one of their new editors-at-large for Biology. That means, every Thursday, I’ll be posting the three biology (typically ecology and evolution) research paper reviews linked through that I enjoyed the most. My first post is up, and hopefully there will be many more to come!

Darwin Day!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DARWIN! On the 200th anniversary of the birth of the Lord, Master, and all around Deity of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology (right?), I can only offer up my humble prayers. What better place than a strange shrine to Darwin in Puerto Ayora in the Galapagos.

(Yes, that is me. You have no idea how happy it made some adorable little old ladies to be asked to take this photo.)

I shall return!

Just a quick note – after leaving Davis, the server for this blog went down.  This is the new home (like the domain name?)


The old content will be back once I get the old server in the mail.  In the meantime, I have returned!  New content soon…