Beware of the teeny tiny crabs. They will cut you!

Happy Friday, everyone. To celebrate the end of the week, I leave you with what is hands down my favorite #SciFund video from round 2. And I don’t just say this because it was made by a collaborator of mine of the #SciFund paper that we happen to be editing right this very moment (or, in half an hour or so). I say this because it is a beautiful example of the fusion of (silly) Art and Science. That it is my favorite from a sea of awesome videos also says a lot about how my brain works, but more of that another time.

The project is called Beach of the Goliath Crabs by the ever amazing Dr. Zen Faulkes. The project itself is pretty awesome – looking at environmental and evolutionary drivers of gigantism in the teeny tiny Lepidopa benedicti . It’s a great project with a GREAT video channeling Godzilla and other classic Japanese monster movies. Definitely worth kicking in a few bucks to make this research happen (and it won’t even take very many of those bucks to hit Zen’s goal!)

Awesome, yes? Worth funding just for the video. And you get hot Science to boot!

Also, that finger image makes a kickass meme.

So, what are you waiting for, go over and check out Zen’s full Beach of the Goliath Crab proposal. And if you feel inspired, check out a few other projects to crowdfund (or view ’em broken down into categories). There’s a lot of amazing science there, and some wonderful science communication videos. Enjoy, and Happy Friday!

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