Baby Got Stats!

I was completely tickled last year with the oh so amusing Statz Rappers. It kept me and my nerdy stats friends laughing for days. Rapping. Stats. The Internet.

Good times.

But little did I know that rapping about statistics was really just hitting its stride on youtube. This is Why We Plot began my trip down the rabbit hole. Quite a nice effort. I followed this with that Stats Rap – not bad, and oh so mellow. Also I love the equations.

But the pièce de résistance is Baby Got Stats from Dorry Serev in the biostats department at JHU. Oh. Dear. Lord. I laughed. I wept. I even put some of the lyrics into my .sig file. Enjoy.

(note, mildly nsfw? maybe?)

There are a ton more – just follow the related links. It’s kind of amazing. And if anyone gets a yen to start doing some multivariate SEM or Bayesian raps, I want to know!

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