Kids + Marine Biology = Awesome

Hey! I’m in a book! For kids! Best of all, its’ a chapter to help kids get excited about marine science. I got hooked into the world of marine biology young, and have never looked back. I mean – The ocean! Sea life! It’s awesome!

So, I was delighted when Alisa Weinstein asked me a few years ago to contribute to her Earn My Keep project. The basic premise of the project is that we want our kids to learn about some of the interesting jobs and professions out there in the real world. So, to earn their allowance, why not have your kids try out projects based on real-world careers. Have them see what its like to be a marine biologist, or a costume designer, or a librarian, or a yoga teacher, or more!

Alisa organized 50 of us (how she balanced the correspondence I’ll never know), and asked us questions about our jobs – what do we love about them? What is involved in our daily professional lives? What are some projects that kids can do to get a sense of our job?

The results are collected in her new Earn It, Learn It which is due to be published soon! Definitely worth checking out for those of you with kids out there, and if you want to see some of the results, Alisa has actually been trying all of these projects out with her daughter Mia.

As for me, I’m just happy that I finally managed to get the difference between a marine biologist and marine ecologist in print for kids. Got to start ’em early!